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Just Another Summer Postcard

Just Another Summer Postcard

josemanuelerre dice

Dear OCD, I hope you like the palm tree in the middle, the homogeneous sky with no cloud interfering in between. I know you will appreciate very much the detail of the white fence covering the moment the sky and the sea come together. Pretty cool, huh? I’m pretty sure you are loving already the color palette of the parasols in the background. It gives a very distinctive touch to the whole picture. Though I think I did a very good job by avoiding people on this overcrowded beach, please, I beg you to forgive me. I just couldn’t prevent that old man from walking by. Unexpected s**** happens. Have a great day, Josemanuelerre __________ Picture of a daily summery beach scene. There’s a palm tree in the middle, there’s an old man walking, some parasols behind. Image taken on a hot Summer day with a clear blue sky and calm sea.